The Optimal App Promotion Resource Re-launches with a Free App Tester

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Working like a personal assistant, ComboStore is the ultimate app promotion source for all apps and start-ups Chicago, IL – Today, ComboStore is excited to announce the launch of its newly reshaped website. Other than the change of design, ComboStore’s whole has changed with app developers’ needs in mind. Reinforced with years of experience and product consulting, the new website …

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Bowling Paradise 3 : More Fun and Challenging

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A lot of people have been waiting for the new Bowling Paradise game eagerly. The Bowling Paradise 3 is an exotic multi-player game and it far exceeds expectations as compared to its predecessors. Imagine being able to bowl in a lot of cool locations like at the beach or underwater or in space etc. Clearly this game is goes much …

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Revealed The Best Dynamite App Review

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DYNAMITE: The only app that can mask your face enables you to record your videos and share them with the public anonymously. Dynamite app gives you the ability to watch and to record videos on any topic using the perfect face mask like never before. You can now enjoy sharing your stories with the greater public without any fears whatsoever, …

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Inawordreviews Webapprater

Who do you think is the most important factor to account for the success of a movie? The Director who is actually the backbone of a movie or the star cast with the gorgeous lady luck driving the audience to the theatres? Or is it the story of the movie that predicts the future before anyone else does? Well, there …

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Get Ready to Solve The Puzzle In Hop Hop Away

Hop Hop Away Webapprater

You cannot really have enough of any puzzle games. The puzzle games become old when you cross all the levels and reach your goal and thus a regular supply is always needed. That does not mean you have to compromise with anything and everything as long as games like Hop Hop Away are there. This is a unique puzzle game …

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Gesturely : App to Create and Assign Gestures

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Gesturely is one among the best used iPhone apps to create and assign gestures in mobile phones. Expressing your words and emotions through messages is very easy at present. You can readily make use of Gesturely app from the iPhone store to create and assign specific gestures for long sentences. What are the features of Gesturely app? This is a …

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Rock Like the Pros : Way to Learn Guitar Play !

Rock Life Webapprater

If you wanted to learn to play guitar, but don’t have time for lessons, there is a solution to your problem. Now you can learn to play guitar on your iPhone of iPad with the Rock Like the Pros app, developed by experienced guitarist and music teacher Terry Carter. Learn to play guitar on your schedule, with lessons available any …

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Let Sense, Sense Your Banking Needs

Alfa Sense Webapprater

Money matters, it actually does. The life has become so fast these days that we don’t have enough time to run to the banks and manage our financial chores. With the initiation of mobile banking and smartphone, things have become quite efficient as well as easy. Mobile banking gives the chance to check balance, transfer money and do other basic …

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bookPress – The Best Book Creator Ever

Book Press Webapprater

Having the best book creator on your device can be one of the interesting things that one can have. The bookpress is one of them and it acts also as a story maker tool where you can make your own stories via your device. You can simply create your own version of books that are of high quality then transfer …

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Fun Learning For Students: Fact Mountain

Fact Mountain Webapprater

Fun learning has been around for probably centuries now, and it has evolved through time. Fun learning uses gamification techniques, which holds our attention even more than the traditional way of learning. Humans tend to enjoy games, which is why investment firms and tech companies spend billions studying and perfecting gamification. Not all games are fun though, and only a …

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Lean Testing Webapprater

I work in web development for a high-profile organization. Our team has been looking for a quick and easy way to report and resolve bugs. Lean Testing has saved us so much time and literally transformed the way we work. The interface is extremely easy to navigate. Here is a rundown of Lean Testing’s features. 1. Account Creation and Permissions …

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Fling : For Best social connecting App

Fling Webapprater

In any case, considering that Google Play as of now includes about 1.5 million applications, discovering the best can be a test. Particularly when your head is wedged between two-by-fours. So today we are going to introduce you fling, It says Smile at strangers and you just might change a life. Clear a path for (yet) another informing application. Fling, …

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