Would you expect that great lessons can be gleaned from the online gaming industry which can be quite helpful for web developers? This industry has amazing product developers, relentless marketing professionals, and tireless business executives. Given their successes, this industry has a lot to offer professionals in other fields as well. Online gambling, just like visiting a bricks-and-mortar casino, is …

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w3bcrm.biz : An Amazing App For Great Performace in Business


A clear and well-stipulated strategy in business will always have a positive impact on the outcome that is ultimately achieved. In order to get a better return on equity in business, there are procedures such as budgeting, retailing, supplying and proper invoicing that need to be undertaken. Their smooth running and efficient operation may be reflected on the earnings achieved …

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Tinbox – A Donation a Day !


Ask anyone to list five ‘do good apps’ and chances are that the name Tinbox will be listed. To understand why this application is in many ways revolutionary, you need to first understand the unique selling proposition behind this application. The app users make a daily donation to a charity of their choice. Currently the donations are carped at a …

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WondershareTunesGo: Music download made hassle-free

Tune Go Webapprater

Introduction One of the main issues with having an iOS device is that you have to limit your music to it. Sharing your music with an Android device is almost impossible- owing to a lack of a common interface. This can be a huge head ache at times. Thankfully, there are a few apps available that can help you bridge …

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Colony FM: Unique and Fresh App

Colony Fm Webapp

The bright yellow logo and clean User Interface earned my downloading efforts. I happened to find this Colony FM while looking for radio apps to listen to when taking a shower. Instantly “Oh my gosh” leaked through my mouth after I saw Reddit articles being narrated by professionals. Making audio books out of blogs/ funny web contents? This is a …

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PensterDocs : App for Pet Lovers

Penster Docs Webapp

How many times have you as a pet owner, torn your house apart looking for Vaccine cards or other information that the vet has asked for in order to treat your pet? I know I have done that more than once I must admit. Now you can avoid all this by using PensterDocs, an app that will hold all your …

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Casino.com : Exclusive Gaming App

Casino Com

Gaming has come a very long way – right from the exclusive gambling tables to laptops and computers, and from there to iPhones and iPads. Many people usually indulge their gambling desires through casino gaming apps that facilitate gambling activities without having to use real money. However, for the serious players, there’s nothing that can be equal to playing using …

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CCO Companion – For Business People !

Cco Webapprater

Introduction For those who have been looking for the ideal solution that will help them keep track of the vast and ever-changing database of SEC compliance regulations, well a good choice would be to download the CCO-companion app for your unique needs. While the application might only be available for Apple devices, it does provide users with access to exclusive …

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Mini Roco: Leaping Bump Cow Platformer Game- Must Have !

Mini Roco Webapprater

This game is available on the app store for free on Iphones. It is a virtual game where you will at first play a small cow named Roco. Roco needs your help to get past all the harmful obstacles that he encounters along his journey. It is considered and “endless runner game” where you have to jump to avoid the …

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Ecwid ShopApp Will Let Retailers to Make Their Own Mobile Apps


Ecwid ecommerce platform has launched ShopApp, which lets retailers to make their own, branded mobile apps for iOS and Android phones. Now Ecwid store owners are able to get mobile apps not spending time on developers and without writing a single line of code. Before ShopApp, offering a native ecommerce app was unthinkable for any small business. They needed to …

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Bubble Jungle Pro: Perfect Game for Kids


Eating your way through the jungle, whilst fighting off bad guys, with the sound of munching throughout the whole of the journey, that is Bubble Jungle Pro. A perfect game for kids who like little animals, happy music and the idea of munching yourself through an adventure. The game is most definitely also appropriate for adults. It’s simple, but the …

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Wondershare TunesGo Retro- iOS file transfer made effortless

Contacts Manage 1

Introduction If you have an iOS device, you will surely know how tedious it is to transfer files to and from other operating systems. There is a prime need for an app or software that makes this entire process of transferring files to and from computers and Android devices simple and easy. This is exactly what Wondershare TunesGo Retro does …

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