Flyreel – Lights, Camera, Share

Flyreel Webapprater

Text messages are losing their presence day by day. No more are you interested in typing your thoughts word by word. Earlier, they were conceptualized at a time when there were no other means to convey messages. But now with the advent of technology and a surge in the media applications, there are innumerable ways to communicate with the rest …

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Cube Collider- Excite and Thrill Every Player

Cube Collaitor Webapprater

The cub collider is a brand new Iphone game designed to excite and thrill every player. Although it is deceptively simple, the game offers a challenging yet exciting playing experience especially for people who enjoy unique iphone games that are basically different from the common ones in the market. The Cube Collider is now available on ITunes and can be …

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OnPoint Sports -Best Sports Data App

Onpointsports Webapprtarer

OnPoint Sports is the newest most mind-boggling live football app available for android phones. This app is the property of Onpoint Sports and was launched on September 10th and contains over 1000 individual and team statistics. The app brags with the ability to deliver real time data with an astonishing speed that has not been experienced before by any other …

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Why You Should Be Testing Your Internet Connection Speed

Internet Connection Speed Testing

Connection speed tests seem to pop up all over the internet and many users just dismiss the idea. However, it could be a good idea to test your connection speed regularly. There are actually a number of benefits in doing this, so let’s talk a little bit about them. Reasons to Test Your Internet Speed One of the main reasons …

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Eat Me ! : An Epic Underwater fun Game

Eatme Webapprater

Do you always wish to experience the aquatic life by playing an epic underwater state-of-the-art adventure game of eating other fish? Now this is your ultimate chance to greatly indulge yourself actively as you download the Eat Me – android app. According to its review, it is regarded as a top of the class modern app with greatest playing maneuverability …

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Tap the Frog – Fun Filled Game

Tap The Frog Webapprater

Unlike other games, Tap the Frog takes a slightly new and different approach to mobile gaming since it offers a wide range of mini-games that are based around the same ominous frog. Apart from the ominous frog, this game is also packed with several other little green animals throughout the varied mini-games. While playing Tap the Frog, Speed is very …

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Keep your phone safe from the intruders by using the Fancy applock

Fancy Applock Webapprater

The fancy app lock Android App is the finest protector of the phone data, whether it is photos, applications, emails or confidential information. The App Locker’ app, as the name suggests, is the fabulous way of protecting the apps from unwanted access or visibility since it directly blocks the access to the app files, data, and the programs. With the …

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Share Your Sports Experience WithGameOn by Korrio

Gameon Webapprater

The current trend of jobs and living keeps the family members apart from each other. They don’t get a chance to see movies together, play games together and even watch a match together. In this world of technology there has to be something that connects people in the family and even friends. This something is brought by GameOn by Korrio. …

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DialMask App to secure your phone number

Dialmask Webapprater

Your iphone practically goes everywhere you go and can do anything that your computer can do. When you are out or at home, you may take photos, download music, work on word or spread sheet documents and also log in your personal information to various sites. Also with the wide of social media, you may also want to be up …

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iPlum- Calling To the US from Overseas Made Cheaper and Faster

Iplum Webapprater

The iPhone iplum app is a mobile application designed for consumers of iPhone and IPad. The iplum falls in the category of social networking applications. This new application is compatible with all the versions and models of the iPhone and the IPad. The iplum application was created to target the ever growing large community of iPhone users in the different …

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Agar-agar: Easy to learn, difficult to master

Agar Agar Webapprater

There are two categories of iOS apps- the ones with high graphics and the simple ones. While the former might get you hooked for a short while and have you in awe of the graphics, it’s the latter that will get you truly addicted. Agar-agar is one of the games of the second type. It is the kind that will …

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Top-notch texting with Textpert


Technology is evolving day by day and it is very important to be updated. Texting is an art and it is really important if you are trying to win over someone. It is not really difficult but some people are literally boring at it. Either they come out way too strong or their average texts can fit on one line. …

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