888 Poker NJ- Street Poker

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If you love playing Poker, then you could find no better option to place your bet than 888 Poker NJ, of course if you live in New Jersey. So what is 888 Poker NJ? This is an iOS app that has been developed by Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd. and is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or any later …

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AWE- Inspiration through the power of words

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The power of a language is contained in words. Some words create a positive aura about them while some create a negative one. Depending on your perspective, a given word can have a variety of feelings. Some words are so positive that they infuse a positive energy into you. The iOS app AWE is one which deals with words- a …

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Giffage – All about New Image Trend !

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When it comes to the internet, you do not have to go very far to know that gifs are all the rage. People are taking old photographs and they are turning them into moving pictures with a new technology that is called Giffage. What this app allows you to do is to take any still photo and animate parts of …

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Start – Gateway to an Amazing Phone Lock Screen

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Today, I am introducing to you an app called the Start from Celltick! It manages the cobble together. The app is designed to modify lock screens. It gets rid of the vanilla stock and replaces it with a slicker and more modern approach to unlocking a device. With the Start app, you can turn the lock screen into a completely …

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Drone Invaders- Save your planet from aliens

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Drone Invaders is a fun and classic arcade game that has been developed for the iOS. If you are a fan of arcade games, you must try this one out. It is an extremely addictive game with a simple concept and simpler gameplay. All you need is some tie to kill and a lot of patience and practice.Drone Invaders is …

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ARoglyph – A Cool Way to Communicate

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We are living in the 21st century but we’re well familiar with the lifestyle of our ancestors as well. We know how they used to live, what outfits they used to wear, what were their staple food and many such things. But how do we know all that? After all, we have never seen them doing so and neither did …

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Wireless -Must know Facts

No Wifi IG

The Internet is accessible through the touch of button, so readily available that it may be hard to imagine when wireless connections were a novelty. In the U.S. alone, there are more than 326 million wireless subscriptions — more than the country’s population. The method of connection has changed dramatically, from dial-up, to ethernet connections, to WiFi, to simply plucking …

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Buster and the Crystal Bones- Entertainment and adventure unlimited

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Everyday life is really hectic and monotonous. It’s good to take a break have some adventure once in a while. The problem is getting time off from your busy life for an adventure and covering all the expenses involved. The cost is so much that you’d rather continue with boring monotonous life. What if you were giving the option to …

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Launch by Quixey Launcher- The Power of Software

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The Play Store is expanding more than ever. New apps are being developed every day. While the memory capacity of smart phones is also increasing, it cannot keep pace with the speed of app development. Most of the storage space on our phones is occupied by apps. A majority of these are used for simple search and communication. Picking between …

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Sudoku free – Paper-Free Sudoku

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Puzzles are meant to take away the peace of your mind and then you fight to take it back. So in a way, they train you for perplexing situations when your mind would normally stop working. But a puzzle is useless when it stops confusing you. If it becomes too predictable, it means we need a new one to keep …

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Online Casino – Changing Waves

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If we trace back in history, the first act for distributing licenses for online gambling was passed in 1994. After that, there was a surge in the popularity of online casinos in the later 90’s and by 1997, around 200 websites for online casinos were published. Looking at the current trend of digitization, we can say that brick-and-mortar casinos would …

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Innovation Age of Crafting – Innovative Puzzle Game

Innovation App

Innovation Age of Crafting is an innovative puzzle game, which covers the history of humans and their different inventions across the most exciting historical ages i.e. the Stone Age, the Middle Ages Antiquity, the Renaissance and the Modern Age. Travel through history with well over 120 levels and lots of fascinating stuff to discover therein. Concept. The game has a …

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