– Free Calculator to Check STD Risk Factors

Std Risk Calc

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) as the name implies results from infections transferred from one person to another due to sexual contact and behavior which refers not only sexual intercourse but kissing, oral-genital contact and the use of sexual “toys” like vibrators as well. The month of April is considered as STD awareness month. The reason that this has been gaining …

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Aston Forex Mobile Trader – App For Forex Fanatic


Aston Forex Mobile Trader is a new application for the Android OS designed for businessmen and investors to check how their Forex stocks are doing and observe the market trends just by using the Android Smartphone. Forex are increasingly getting more and more popular due to the fact that there is no need for a physical broker and small capitals …

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Staples eReader – Curious To Know How Fast You Read?


eReaders or E-book readers are on the growing side of demand and popularity in recent times. eReaders are portable devices that are light, having the capacity to store thousands of books in one convenient device, enabling people to buy new books, magazines and newspapers right from the device and also share or borrow such books and magazines from friends. An …

Read More – Transparent Billing and Time Tracking System


Handling time tracking, billing and developing a reliable accounting system continues to be a challenge for attorneys, accountants and virtual businesses, where time tracking is an essential element of their billing process. CaseFox seeks to cover this requirement of time based billing of attorneys and accountants with the CaseFox application that enables multi-user accounting and invoicing and provides a more …

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Awesome Wallpaper – Cool App for Elegant Wallpapers


With plenty of wallpaper applications in the Android market, Awesome Wallpaper claim to be quite different from other wallpaper apps and it makes your Smartphone look far much cooler. Wallpapers can change the mood of your phone and make you feel good too. With scores of resources available online, it can be quite a task to look for the right …

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Number Game – Addictive Android Game with Challenges


At first view, Number Game has an attractive and simplistic user interface which would suit users of all ages. Instructions of the game is fairly simple and easy to understand; remove all the numbers in each level by matching a pair adjacently together or matching 2 numbers that add up to ten together. For example, matching a box with the …

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MEmoticon – iOS App for Funny Facial Expressions


MEmoticon is a brilliant application which allows users of the app to alter the picture of your liking to something that looks like an emoticon like maybe change your poker face to a bright and smiley face or an infuriating and angry face. If you ever wondered about how your face would look like as an emoticon, this is an …

Read More – Simple Demographic Widget Builder


Moving from one city to another can be a challenging task especially if you are completely unfamiliar with the new city you are moving to! AreaVibes comes in to rescue as it holds an online database of over 20,000 cities through the length and breadth of the Unites States. It furnishes users with a numerical ranking and score on the …

Read More – Must Have WebApp for Small Business

Dapple Works

Managing a business efficiently is not an easy task. A web based business application such as DappleWorks allows small to medium sized businesses to manage their employees, business data, projects and even the daily functioning tasks without the need to download, install or run any hardware or software. This application is based on three basic three principles that include aligning …

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Raah – Powerful App to Track Your Travel Map


Raah Trackme web app is a vehicle tracking system that runs on the iPhone Safari web browser. This application makes use of the location services of iPhone to monitor your current GPS co-ordinates and report the speed in miles or kilometer and updates the number of coordinates captured during the user’s session. You can stop the tracking at any one …

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Political Party Scanner Pro – Entertaining iOS App

Political Party

Political Party Scanner is a photo taking and scanning ios app. The application lets you either take a photo within the application itself or choose a photo from your album to do a prank stunt. The prank is to declare your subject being taken is a Democrat or Republican. The application is called a political party scanner for a reason. …

Read More – Innovative Recruitment Web Application


Resfly is web based recruitment software, which allows you to easily post your jobs and hire professionals by posting the job on multiple job boards and social networks. It speeds up the hiring process as it has all the features needed to assist you in the hiring process. With Resfly posting a job is a very simple three step process …

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