– Exclusive Event Organizer


Organizing and planning an event is not a simple task. One must have a vast experience of organizing to make it a successful event. Few people succeed only through experience but there are several shortcuts available always to surpass the experience. One such shortcut for organizing the events is It’s the complete experience of many people gathered together and …

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XnView Retro – For Stylish Vintage Images on Android

Xnview Retro

XnView is a cross-platform image viewing software, which is used for converting, viewing, organizing, and editing graphical or video files. The charges are free for private, educational and non-profit organizations but for commercial use and distribution, it becomes a must for the user to register the program. There are various tools available for this application to view the photos and …

Read More – The Best App Developer & Directory Service Initiative

Appto is an excellent initiative to gather the app developers in a single forum and it gives them complete administrative control to create/Manage/publish their own apps. It also allows users to integrate all the information and publish through API. It mandates every user to create a developer identity through which you can keep track of every updates done by the …

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Slyon Street Tuner – Perfect iOS Racing Game

Slyon Street Tuner

Slyon Street Tuner is the perfect game for you, if you are a hardcore racing game addict. It gives your IOS device a good and real-time racing experience. If you have ever played 3D racing games in PC, this game will replace you PC with IOS device with its 3D effects. Most important thing is the quality of the game …

Read More – Powerful Table Planning Web App


There is something on web for everyone and this application belongs to the weddings planners. In fact, not only the wedding planners, but if you have a small party at home with some guests to be invited, you might be confused while adjusting the seating arrangements. Sometimes, the meal is not yet prepared or in some other cases, the seats …

Read More – Free Chat Tool for Websites and Blogs


Chatwing is light weight, reliable, faster and free widget, which makes chatting simple on your blogs. It’s very easy to create and customize, users don’t need any technical knowledge to create an attractive widget. You are just 3 steps ahead of creating an attractive widget which allows the visitor of your blog to communicate between each other. Go to, …

Read More – Advanced POS System, Gazelle !


Phostersoft is a Singapore-based software engineering company that has been providing software development and consultation services for more than three years. The company specializes in doing all sort of projects from personal/corporate websites to enterprise application and even mobile application developments including iPhone/iPad and Android. Excite, Delite, Sachua, and Kuponesia are the company’s recent projects. Excite has android remote control …

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Find a Way, Jose! – Exciting Slider Puzzle Game for iOS

Find A Way

Find a Way, Jose is a refreshing new block-sliding puzzle in which Jose is an endearing anti-hero who wakes up one fine morning, following a big celebration and just cannot find a way to his dearly loved bottle of booze. As the title suggests, it is up to you to help Jose Find His Way. The game packs sixty levels …

Read More – Easy Way to Find Right Subtitles

Easy Sub Titles

It is a common problem to find the right subtitles on internet for the required video. Sometimes, the subtitles are wrong i.e. of some other video and many other times, there are so many mistakes related to spelling or wrong abbreviation that the subtitles lead to no use. But with easy subtitles, some of your problems might get solved. Just …

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Cloud File Mover for Dropbox – Best File Handling iOS App


The Clouf File Mover is an easy to use app exclusively designed for the Dropbox. The Dropbox is a cloud service platform for sharing different file formats across any part of the world. It maintains synchronization and version control between devices. When a user wants to move files between IOS devices and a Dropbox account, the Cloud File Mover can …

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Comindware – Effective Automation & Project Management tool for SDLC methodologies


If you’re managing a software development team, you’re probably in search of better workflow automation software. We have recently discovered and the solution they offer named Software Development Solution based on the Comindware Tracker. The company founders heave a long track in the IT industry. They have already created for us a couple of recognized solutions: a back-up and …

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XnView Sketch – Android App for Cartoon and Sketch Images


Are you impressed with the ability of artists who can create sketches of people and scenery just with a few strokes of their pencil? Nothing to worry as there is available software in the market that can help you to create a sketch out of a photo that would make you look like a superb artist in the eye of …

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