Editionguard.com : eBooks Piracy Threat App

Edition Guard

Intellectual property theft and digital piracy is becoming increasingly common these days, threatening the survival of many eBook publishers and also its authors. Many companies are spending huge sums of money to protect their copyright and regulate the purchase of their eBooks and other products through their online portals. EditionGuard is a web app which allows you to manage your …

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Cartstack.com : The Perfect Option to Regain Customers


The process of conversion of abandoned carts into sales is very simple because of this App called Cartstack as it helps to regain the confidence of customers who have chosen to abandon their carts for some reason. The process involves reminding your customers that their products are still conserved and withheld from being sold and that you consider business with …

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Reduce Your Data Charge With VIATUN iOS App


Are you about to remove your pricy app from your iphone because you will be traveling for a month or some weeks? The exorbitant rate of data downloads on roaming often forces people to remove the apps. This makes the iphone, a simple touch phone which have features, but you cannot use them. However, the scenario is going to change …

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Chess Trainer : Best Training App for Beginners and Professionals


Chess is one of the most popular games which are played all over the world; it is played by millions and millions of people on a daily basis. The game of chess is a pure strategy game and it involves using every cell in your brain, the game also helps to develop the intelligent quotient and the sharpness of the …

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HeadshotAlley : Win Over the Evils in an Easy Game

Head Shot

Win over the evil is always appreciated, may it be in real life or the gaming world. In all action and strategy games there is a hero who has to fight with bad guys or a good fighting plane that faces challenge from the enemy and in the end, the hero has to win it. The journey is quite exciting …

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Manilla: The Smart Way To Manage Your Finance On Your Phone


How many times it happened that you missed a bill payment as you are managing several accounts? The result is a late fee and you definitely won’t like to pay it, again and again. How great it would have been if someone could remind you about each and every bill payment irrespective of the bank account? Your partner may not …

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PowerTapper : Play Hard to Win Your Enemies !

Power Tapper

PowerTapper is a different type of game which surprises people. There are no unique game controls. You will not fuss about bad game controls which will affect your gameplay. In this game, all you need is to tap the drum to make your soldier advance forward and deliver combo hits to your enemy. There are no complex game rules which …

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Phoggi – Your Very Own Cell Phone Spy Software


Living in a big city has its own problems and expenses. Due to this, I started doing two jobs at the same time. An office job in the morning and then a part-time job at a friend’s hotel after that till midnight left me with no time for my kids. My wife takes care of the kids while I work …

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Top 5 Upcoming Tech Events in 2013


Internet world has seen tremendous growth and a lot of tech events are conducted at different parts of the world. Tech enthusiasts gather in these events and they share their knowledge with each other. These events are the best place to learn about the launch of new gadgets which are under research and also to know about the features of …

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Rails : Game of Logic, Timing and Creativity on iPad


If logical games are your cup of coffee, then Rails sure is an excellent choice. It follows on the path of usual timing and path drawing games, with the setting of a train. The aim of the game is to lay down train tracks such that every train makes its way to a station of the corresponding color. In the …

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Galactic Android App : Explore What Your Eyes Can’t !


Have you ever been to outer space? There are lots of planets, stars and galaxies that are still to be explored? We don’t know completely even about our own planet earth, and then the rest is just out of question. There are just a few lucky and intelligent astronomers who manage to breach the boundary of earth’s atmosphere and launch …

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Play Bingo with your Mobile Device


Bingo is a very popular game. It is a favorite among all kinds of players – men and women, young and old alike. It is more than just a game; it is also considered a favorite social activity. Bingo provides an opportunity for people to meet and greet. It gives others a chance to have something to talk to with …

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