Easysendmail.com – Email marketing application


Easy send mail is an effective email marketing application. It is the browser-hosted platform which can handle creating an email marketing campaign, and determining how efficient.

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Paytraq.com –Online collaborative cashflow


Paytraq is one of the effective online collaborative cash flow, bill tracking and expense management tool. It has several savors for small-sized company where they could ever need, and nothing more.

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Socialav.com – Online Anti virus Builder

Social Anti Virus

Socialave is an online community for anti virus builders. It aggregates all the knowledge and experiences that users have when dealing with viruses globally, and make it instantly accessible to antivirus web developers.

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Codingpeople.com – PSD files into XHTML or CSS


Coding People web application will change our designs into down loadable xhtml / css format. It provides people with several of creative design ideas the opportunity to have them turned into efficient functional websites.

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5 Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs

Social Media Tools

Entrepreneurs are always having thirst of promoting their business in someway. Probably, they all know the power of social media but fail to know the importance of social media tool. Knowing the functionality and uses of social media tool will help them to attain their goal soon in start up. Social media tools will be helpful in company communication, brand …

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Medapps.net – Effective mobile health monitoring


It develops the novel telehealth solutions where it offers satisfied solution to remotely collect, store, report timely, accurate health information by means Mobile Health Monitoring System. The clients can feel of cost savings.

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Top 5 Facebook Games in 2010

Facebook Games

Facebook is a top most social networking site in 2010 and hope it will sustain in upcoming days too. Everyone is used to maintain their own facebook account to keep in touch with kith and kins. Facebook will let us to update our status, images, video and so on. The reason for users of facebook even from the age of …

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Adby.me – New Platform for Copywriter


It is the brand new advertising platform processed for social streaming of ads. By this site the users can select exactly which ads they want to share with their social contacts. You can regard this to be the first platform in which ads are spread by copywriting them.

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Supportgroups.com – Online support group


This site provider can be a efficacious online support groups community. Their aim is to bring global clients together around life’s challenges by enhancing concise, up-to-date information and a global meeting place for individuals, their kith and kin, and prospective professionals who provide effective pathways to assist. This site service helps to encourage wholly interactions by providing credit points to …

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Glidedigital.com – Mobile desktop solution


It has expedient work processes of Microsoft Paint and one can inherit the advantageous of Glide’s new drawing and coloring tool. They offer Glide’s collaborative tools built in, and an efficacious interface. It can proclaim to the global users and trust that it can be alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.

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Airset.com – Personal cloud computer


Keeps track of calendars, contacts, can collect and tags URLs while surfing the web; add annotations; import bookmarks , possible to organize your schedule; send reminders to your mobile device; sync to iPhone, iPad, and Outlook.

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Bigmarker.com- Online meeting platform


Meet out the effective online meeting platform, community for live collaboration, a place for human knowledge. You can possible to express, broadcast yourself and tool for collaboration with self-realization.

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