Enjoy Your Free Time actively with Jump Ozy

Jump Ozy Webapprater

Simplicity often makes the most attractive thing in life; and if you are one who loves the simple yet interesting ways of entertainment, Jump Ozy can be a real entertainer for you. This gaming application has an interesting gameplay and can be enjoyed by any one of any age and any of level of expertise. The game simply needs you …

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Bonfire Trail : Save Layla and Defeat Monsters

Bonfire Webapprater

Are you tired of crushing boring candies and having to beg for lives? Are you looking for something new and much different? How about an International Award Winning game to pass the time? With simple one finger taps, you will be on your way to great entertainment! The Bonfire Trail tells a captivating tale of Woby, a small burning meteor. …

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The Benefits of KPI Alerts Professional App

Kpi Alerts Webapprater

KPI Alerts Professional is an iTunes app functional in iPhones, iPads and iPod touch requiring minimally the iOS 5.1. Its latest upgrade release was Jan 30, 2015 which received amplified functions and usability. This app targets to make monitoring all your business’ KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) a breeze by using a single, simple yet direct integrated panel interface. Monitor all …

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Car Cost Universal

which is your favourite car?When do you plan to put your money for it? How much it would cost?Would you go for a loan?How would you plan the loan terms rather?How would you track the record of the expenses?Worried about the expense of your BRAND NEW CAR? Questions are many and the solution is one, CAR COST UNIVERSAL. CAR COST …

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Private Browser – An Iphone App Review

Private Browser Webapprater

our privacy is very important when going online through mobile devices. If you don’t work on securing yourself online then important files and information about you can be exploited by online thieves and use them to steal your credit card information, take money directly from your bank account without your permission, blackmail you, and do other things that can ruin …

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Autosist :Manage your vehicle records in much smarter way!!

Autosist Webapprater

Getting difficulty in managing all your vehicle records at one place?Autosist has come up with an aim to minimize efforts and make your work very easy. It is a complete app to manage,track and share your vehicle records in an easy organized way accessible across all devices. With some really exciting features, Autosist has all potential to change conventionally tricky …

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Know How Effective Is Pingz App for IPhone?

Pingz Webapprater

Producing and spreading image based emails could be annoying. You’re both restricted to too few characters , or perhaps adding words means infinite autocorrect fails as well as time put into typing . With pingz video communications you may share pictures as if you are there personally, with your words. Basically zoom and point when you speak to your own …

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Leave your Career Selection Worry on Pathsource

Pathsource Webapprater

A right career can not only turn your life into positive direction but can also make you feel happy and utilize your skills as you work. It is quite important to be happy with what you are doing and choosing the right career option is really important for your whole life. The problem that most of us face is that …

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Hunger Crunch : Fun Game with Social Message

Hunger Crunch

Hunger Crunch is a game created by Rice Bowls to end world hunger. The objective of the app was to create a game that gets the message of world hunger out to the world, so more people can become aware of the situation. Hunger is represented in the game as evil, so it is up to you and your loyal …

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TruTrainer Fitness App- Facts To Know


Lifelong fitness does not come by chance. Fitness is a product of a series of conscious efforts. Well, most people find it almost impossible to realize their fitness goal without an external guide. Their support and unmatched motivation makes your workouts procedural and effective. At times, you find is difficult to get to your personal trainer. This is where the …

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Make Speed Pro+ your Daily Companion While Walking

Mph Webapprater

Speed is quite essential in your life. When you slow down, all negative things start coming to you and when you speed up, you tend to shed those negativities. Speed is also essential while you walk as it is considered as the best exercise that can keep you healthy and can help in losing weight. Speed Pro + is a …

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Roundme : Virtual Tour, But Real Fun !

Roundme Webapprater

Roundme is a simple and a very easy to use free iOS application that will allow every iPhone, iPad or a number of iOS device users the chance to create, share and to explore interactive multimedia content. The advent of this application has literary made virtual tours so simple, as it has taken virtual tours and the ability to take …

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